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The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Awakening: FREE YOUR MIND

 “Anyone can do this. Spiritual awakening, in Jack Preston King's view, may be hard work, but it is not complicated work. The path to enlightenment is really rather shockingly simple. Fall out of love with the dream. Reclaim your psychic energy. Wake up to reality.”

–  Adam Clark, book reviewer,

The entire universe, the earth, our own bodies are constructed of nothing but reality, and so, by rights, we ought to experience truth directly and be in touch with reality as it is at all times, as a simple consequence of being real creatures embedded in an objectively real world. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, if we bother to concern ourselves with such things at all, we must sweat and work and struggle to catch the tiniest glimpse of anything real beyond the self-centered maelstrom of illusion that defines and engulfs our ordinary, daily lives.

One big reason this is so is that the vast majority of methods by which we have been taught by society, education, religion, etc. to look at the reality around and within ourselves are surreptitiously designed to obscure truth, rather than to reveal it. We don’t like to think that’s what’s happening, that we’ve been bamboozled, but that’s the truth of it. This fundamental perceptual problem is no accident. The chief goal of The Simplest Path is to clarify the mechanism allowing this core psychic deception to operate with impunity in our lives, and to provide practical tools for breaking its power to control our minds.

Life is but a dream– a hypnotic dream from which we must choose to awaken if we wish to achieve true personal freedom, see global transformation occur in our lifetimes, and reclaim our ultimate cosmic destiny as human beings.

This book contains keys to awakening. Awakening from our personal dream frees us to fluidly craft our personalities, environments, relationships, careers, etc. as an artist paints a landscape or a sculptor teases form from formless clay. All of us awakening together from the shared dream of the planet will mark the birth of our species out of our current global nightmare of decline into a limitless future literally beyond our present ability to imagine, even in our "wildest dreams," indeed.


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Mythic Living: Thoughts on Everyday Life in Mythological Light

 Are you pursuing your destiny, or surrendering to your fate (and how can  you know the difference)? What stories do you tell yourself about  yourself, and how do those stories impact your life? How does your past  shape your future, and can you change it? Why is love so difficult, and  what can you do about it? What if life really is a game, and the rules  are hidden deep within you? Join Jack Preston King as he shines a  mythological light on everyday life questions like these, drawing  inspiration from myths Greek and Sumerian, Christian and Gnostic, as  ancient as the Big Bang, and as modern as Star Wars.  

Includes a  free, full-length preview of “Mythology is a Language. It’s How Our  Souls Speak to Us,” from King’s book Could All Religions Be True? The  Short Answer is YES. Essays from Outside the Spiritual Box. 

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Could All Religions Be True? The Short Answer is Yes.

 The  Philosophical Problem of Religious Diversity, stated simply, is that  the religions of the world contradict each other in important  particulars, including, but not limited to, the existence of God, the  nature of God, the number of gods, the role God or gods play in human  affairs, and our destiny after death (Heaven? Hell? Purgatory?  Reincarnation? Oblivion?). Religious believers typically solve the  problem by embracing one religion and rejecting the rest. For atheists,  the contradictions invalidate all religions equally

But  is there a third way? Could all religions be true? What if followers of  just one religion and atheists who reject all religions are both wrong?  Are there ways to think about reality in which diverse religious  beliefs, even in their conflicting particulars, could all be  simultaneously true?

So  far, Jack Preston King has found four. In Could All Religions Be True?,  King explores those theories in depth, then takes the reader on a  rollicking journey outside the spiritual box, forging new and  enlightening paths through religion, spirituality, the soul, the  afterlife, mythology, out of body experiences, even Goddess worship and  Jungian Psychology.

Could all religions be true? The short answer is YES! 

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The Language of Dreams: A Jungian Approach to Dreams, Dream Interpretation, and Spiritual Dreamwork

Dreams  are more than random neural firings in your brain. They’re a language.  The entity sending you nightly messages in this nonverbal, symbolic  dream language is your own unconscious mind. All dreams, even the scary  or disturbing ones, have your best interest at heart. They’re messages  from you to you.

The  “dreammaker” is you, your unconscious mind, which speaks in images. The  intended recipient of the dream message is also you, your conscious  mind, which uses words. Interpreting dreams, then, is mostly a matter of  translation.

The  more you work with your dreams, the easier interpretation gets. Yes,  you have to learn the language of imagery in which your personal  “dreammaker” speaks, and that takes effort. But over time, that language  will sink in and become natural to you, the way someone studying French  or Spanish eventually stops needing to look up every word or phrase.  Eventually, they simply speak the language.

And, with practice interpreting your dreams, so will you.

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In Defense of Magical Thinking: Essays In Defiance of Conformity to Reason

 Do  arrogant Twitter atheists make your blood boil? When Richard Dawkins,  the Amazing Randi, or Bill Nye the Science Guy smugly tell you how  stupid you are for believing in God, or psychic powers, or ghosts, or  the afterlife, or even your own immortal soul, do you want to just reach  through the screen and strangle them?

You’re going to love this book.

Jack  Preston King is not an apologist for any one religion or spiritual  path. He’s a defender of the human spiritual impulse in all its forms.  In these 16 rollicking essays, King makes the case for both the reality  and importance of spiritual experience, citing Psychology, neuroscience, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Philosophy, and even pop culture icons Philip  K. Dick, the Face on Mars, and the 1980s console video game Frogger.

Read this book, and the next time some  jerk on Twitter says magic isn’t real, and human beings are soulless,  chemically-driven animals inhabiting a dead, material universe, you’ll  be armed and ready to make your stand In Defense of Magical Thinking.

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To End Hate We Gotta Walk the Talk - Ten Big Ideas that Could Change the World

 We can end hate. We can transform global culture. We can change the world.

To accomplish Big Goals like these, we’ll need Big Ideas to inspire us.

Here are ten of mine:

1. Be a cultural revolutionary, not just a political one.

2. Wage Peace (don’t just fight a war against war).

3. Have the right kind of courage.

4. Walk the talk (live your values, don’t just talk about them).

5. Learn to love (not just tolerate) people who don’t look, think or act like you.

6. Stop projecting your fears, faults and failures (especially onto People of Color).

7. Demand a world that works for everybody (know the ten nonnegotiables).

8. Choose everyone’s happiness, not just your own.

9. Be the kind of person who saves the world.

10. Learn how your brain shapes reality — then use that knowledge to reshape reality!

If you think any of these Big Ideas are pie-in-the-sky nonsense, you’re wrong.

Read this book. Learn the truth. Be inspired.

Then get busy ending hate, transforming global culture, and changing the world.The future is in your hands!

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FREE EBOOK! Autobiography of an Earthling: My Funky Spiritual Memoir

 “This is spiritual memoir at its finest, at once insightful, funny, honest and profoundly moving. But more, I am amazed how artfully, yet accurately, King manages to weave a treasure trove of important, hands-on spiritual knowledge into this deeply personal, riotously entertaining narrative.”   

— Harold Zo, author of Zo-Zen: Zen Buddhist Essays and Insights from the Small Town “Big Mind” of Harold Zo

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Creative + Writer: Musings on Creativity, Writing, and the 21st Century Writer's Life

 What’s the difference between imagination and creativity? Are artists  creative, or are they just troublemakers? Are you sabotaging your own  creativity? Is blogging worthy of your creative talent?  

Follow  Jack Preston King as he takes an informative and deeply personal dive  into these questions and more. Discover the natural cycle of inspiration  (when you fight it, you lose); learn the proper care and feeding of  your muse; take your brain to the next level of creativity; explore the  perils of pseudonyms, why people buy books, the dangers of blogging, and  one joyous solution to the Art VS Money dilemma that plagues most  successful creatives.  

Not just for writers, Creative + Writer is a  book of insight and inspiration for every artist who longs to more  successfully court their personal, creative muse. 

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Like an Astonished Magician: Poems

 Like an Astonished Magician 

I picture God scratching

his head as the cosmos

BigBangs! into being, 

the best 4th of July ever. 

Let There Be Light!

simply doesn’t do it justice.  

It’s his trick, so he knows

how he fooled the cheering crowd. 

Still, he has to admit

he’s impressed. Even he

is oohing and aahing,

authentically astonished.

Was that hidden in his hat the whole time? 

From the pleasures of mature love (While ember kisses/stirred between two lifetimes twined in love/and years, those romance doesn’t know about), to Yeats-inspired Celtic witchery, to visions of angels, flying saucers, and meeting yourself in a dream, Like an Astonished Magician is a no-downer, zero-navel-gazing poetic celebration of love, life, the imagination, and, of course, magic

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A World In Edgewise: Thirteen Sidereal Journeys

 A man’s guilt becomes a doorway to a hidden realm…

A virtual model seduces the world…

A damned soul flees Dante’s Inferno, with an evil Archangel in hot pursuit…

A man finds almost everyone on Earth is an alien in disguise…

A young housewife discovers her latent superpowers…

Discover A World In Edgewise, where these sidereal journeys – and many more – await!

“The stories in Jack Preston King's A World In Edgewise: 13 Sidereal Journeys alternately disturb me, haunt me, make me think, and send sinfully titillating tingles of delight running up and down my spine, often delivering all of these sensations at once.”  — Harold Zo, author of Zo-Zen: Zen Buddhist Essays and Insights from the Small Town “Big Mind” of Harold Zo.

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14 X 7: Fourteen Stories in 7,000 Words - SciFi Flash Fiction

 Is the Moon alive?  

Are Reptilians secretly living among us?  

Could aliens be angels?  

Can love change the past? 

The  answers to these question – and many more! – await in 14 X 7: Fourteen  Stories in 7,000 words - SciFi Flash Fiction. Here’s proof that good  things come in small packages! 

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FREE EBOOK! Children of the Good

 In a near-future America that looks a whole lot like today...

A foreign-born Antichrist sits in the White House, and through the power of the Presidency, secretly rules the world...

Religion as we know it has been outlawed, and all knowledge of the old beliefs has been wiped from human memory... 

A  State-sponsored, New Age cult of self-worship has taken organized  religion's place, and controls the hearts and minds of the world. The  Gospel of Self denies the existence of objective good or evil, and  preaches moral relativism and the virtue of selfishness ...

In  the Midwest small town of Arkady, a luminous woman begins appearing to  children. She tells them a story about a real living Evil that has taken  over their world, and of an objective, loving Good that is on its way  to save them. Her son – her seed is the mysterious term she uses – will  crush the Evil and bring Good back to the world...

But not if  President for Life Michael Oglesby has anything to say about it. When a  series of prophecies appear to be coming true, with one very special  little girl at their center, a hidden Remnant of believers emerge to  rally around the child... While forces of darkness mobilize to destroy  her at any cost...       


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It's Free and Easy to Self-Publish Your Book: A Step-By-Step Guide

 Self-publishing  is free and easy. Before you pay somebody big bucks to format your  eBook or paperback, or to create your book cover, you owe it to yourself  to read this book filled with straightforward, no BS, click-by-click  instructions for accomplishing the task on your own. You’ll be surprised  to discover just how easy it is to get professional results, and  publish your own book — For FREE!

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